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released July 4, 2017

All Songs Written and Produced by Itamar Haluts
Recorded & Mixed by Itamar Haluts @ "Navon's Studio"
Assistant Engineer – Navon Haluts
Assistant Producer – Roi Avivi
Mastered by Abbey Road Studios Online Mastering Services
Illustrations by Shay Ifergan

Gal Petel - Drums on "Grey Hound" and "Lost Weekend in Paradise"
Roi Avivi - E.Guitar on "Fine Spring Night", Bass on "Grey Hound" and Horns Arrangement on "Let God Hear You Sing"
Omri Shani - Bass on "Lost Weekend in Paradise" and "On a Train"
Yoav Arbel - Drums on "Alexandra-Clyde", "Let God Hear You Sing" and "On a Train"
Navon Haluts - Backing Vocals on "On a Train"
Gal Haluts - Backing Vocals on "On a Train"
Udi Gershuni - Rhodes on "Lost Weekend in Paradise"
Barel Oved - Wurlitzer and Organ on "Grey Hound"
Ma'ayan Zitman - Background Vocals on "Winter Blues"
Elad Tal - Tenor Saxophone on "Let God Hear You Sing"
Yuval Sorkin - Tenor & Alto Saxophone on "Let God Hear You Sing", Tenor Saxophone on "Reclusive Tramp"
Dolev Nahoom Sanbira – Baritone Saxophone on "Let God Hear You Sing" and "Reclusive Tramp"
Nitzan Zifroni – Quartet Arrangement
String Quartet on "King of Trembling Tales" and "Reclusive Tramp" -
Nitzan Ben Canetty – Violin
Gili Radian Sade – Violin
Yoni Gertner - Viola
Linor Katz – Cello
Itamar Haluts - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Piano, Bass, Drums, Organ, Wurlitzer, Synthesizer, Mellotron and Percussion.


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Itamar Haluts Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: Winter Blues
The sun is sinking
The day is done
The cold is creeping
My mind is gone

Oh winter, with its hard goodbyes
Oh winter, with its tired eyes

Oh... The time is coming
My time is coming

Oh winter,
I've got nothing left to lose
I'll just sit here
Singing the winter blues
Track Name: Tomorrow
I wake up everyday
To the same old life
I'll just wait until tomorrow
Drifting aimlessly through time
I'll just dream about tomorrow

When tomorrow comes
I'll catch the sun
See the world, tomorrow
And I'll be young again
Oh, what a plan
Just wait until tomorrow
Just another day

She came like a bird
With the blossom of the spring
What a lovely color
And how her smile
Still conquers my dreams
I'll tell her that tomorrow

When tomorrow comes
On her heart I'll strum
Yes, she will feel my arrow
And I will feel at least
Real love's taste
Oh, what a blast, tomorrow
But this bird has flown

I watch the news, religiously
Every night
My mind it borrows
Some people lied, some cried, some died -
I don't mind
It won't be like that tomorrow

When tomorrow comes
We won't be blind
We still have time, tomorrow
And our love will spread
What a change we've made
We'll make it through, tomorrow
It could be today
Track Name: Alexandra-Clyde
I met a girl, her name was Nancy
You can tell by her looks, She's not that fancy
She laughs and acts as if she's in a cartoon
Maybe I've compromised, I've fallen for a baboon

But she had eyes so bright
Like a full moon's light
And I'm not sure where it's going
But I can't stop the wind from blowing

A drunken kiwi sits beside a fire stove
look serene as if wrapped by acceptance gloves
And he gives a wink and I understand
The clock is ticking, I'm near the end

And now she's on my mind
And my thought is hard to find
And my thrill I just can't hide
Sitting here in Alexandra-Clyde
Track Name: King of Trembling Tales
Where have you gone king of trembling tales?
With your head full of stories you're so longing to tell
What kind of stories will your bring from there?
Will you make me smile? will you make me care?

Where are you now king of joy and laughter?
What are you searching for? what are you after?
You have left me here in a world of pain and dust
With the blunt, unsatisfying, excuse that you must

Who are you with king of kindness and love?
Among wild animals, the bear, the wolf and the dove
For here I am surrounded by hatred
Which now they build temples for as if it was sacred

Hope you are safe king of questions, my friend
Your absence has clearly left my life bland
Once I was a bird, Once I was a king
Now I'm a pauper, left with no wings
Track Name: On a Train
On a train down from the north
Led by curiosity's force
Even though love was the cost
She couldn't stand feeling lost
Now she feels most alone
Back in her parents' home
Surrounded by question marks
That spin and bark in the dark

Don't let it bring you down
One day you'll leave this lonesome town
Like every railway station gets its train
You'll be back on your feet again

Just like any other star
You can't see how special you are
Most stars do earthly things
They give light to other's dreams

Telling you which path to choose would be wrong
For I can't tell what you'll lose, just you, alone
Can read your thoughts
Feel your heart desires
Don't let other folks
Sign you up to their average choir
Track Name: Fine Spring Night
This is a fine spring night in the southern hemisphere
The stars shine bright and into my mind came creeping a fear
While I'm living a life of choice, unscratched
Some people are still crying for freedom, a bird they can not touch

Though great leaders have walked on earth for a spell
The same old story repeats and remains for us to tell
I know it's fairly easy to tell right from wrong
For some people, obviously, it does not matter none

So let me ask you one question if I may
How can we stop ourselves from going astray?
stop the avalanche from crushing humanity
to an end as such, is it our destiny?

While between pleasures we roam, always greedy for more
We can see our brothers, our wealth is what they are dying for
Though the night is fine and warm it feels very bitter
Will we have shelter from the storm?
Am I my brother's keeper?
Track Name: Grey Hound
Who am I?
Just tryin' to get by
A simple wanderin' man
I'm a rambler
Baby, I am a gambler
The Grey Hound is my name

I've been around
I've heard many a-sound
Nothing is quite like mine
When I'm howlin'
The wind starts a-blowin'
It happens everytime

No use in trying to make me stay here
No use in trying to find room in my truck
No, I ain't gonna take you with me, girl
And anyway, I'm just bad luck

Gun shots missed my brain
Hammers and axes go clang
I've messed with the wrong daughter again
Goodbye love
See me running down the road
And twilight's red lights the mountain range

Nothing do I own
No place to call home
Just that old rusty stringed guitar
One day will come
when ya-all will hear 'bout the hound
I ain't gonna stop or get tired
Track Name: Lost Weekend in Paradise
Each time it rains in here
I know it's not sadness tears
What makes you so beautiful
Is that your feelings you can hardly control

Now your sun is out
Take a glance, she's not here to stay
I've had my look there is no doubt
But I'd love to see more if I may

You know that someday I'll have to go
I know that here you'll stay
Waiting for me to come and play

Good times I've had with you
Staring at the eyes of blue
Your love comes from the mountain peaks
Even though so cold, I just can not resist

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